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Product name:TLDT Voltage monitor


    Voltage monitor is applicable to the substation, power plant and large-scale industrial and mining enterprises for voltage data collection, statistics, storage, transmission and alarm, and it is used as the automatic monitoring device for networked monitoring and operating of power grid.


Compared with other similar products, this device is possessed of the following characteristics: 

1)The core of main board is 32-bit ARM SCM in STM 32 series, which is processed of such characteristics as high performance and low power consumption; the code is stored in the interior of chip which assures high integration level and strong anti-interference. 

2)High-voltage detection part conducts input by means of mutual inductor isolation, which assures the safety of internal circuit and human body, impact resistance and high reliability. 

3)Industrial grade chip, which is able to withstand high and low temperature, applicable to severe environment, and to realize outdoor installation.

4)LCD is equipped with independent function buttons; with friendly menu; easy to operate; convenient for parameter setting and result checking. 

5)Special case is possessed of good tightness and elegant appearance; its strong current and weak current terminals are arranged separately; with security isolation, clear identification and convenient wiring. 

6)In process of data collecting and processing, multiple software filtering modes are combined to guarantee the precision of voltage collection. 

7)4MB Flash memory is used as the data store unit, which guarantees permanent data preservation at the power failure status; during flash writing process, multiple-buffer processing mode is adopted to avoid data loss.