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Product name:TLYX Type Primary Harmonic Eliminating Device


     TLYX type primary harmonic eliminator is an advanced product developed by Beijing Tianli Relay Protection Automation Technology Co., Ltd and Beijing Tianli Automation Institute for the purpose of protecting resonance of voltage transformer. It is a nonlinear resistance type harmonic eliminator and damper installed between the neutral point of primary winding of 6-35KV voltage transformer and ground. The device may limit overvoltage caused by ferromagnetic resonance, may limit overcurrent in the high voltage mutual inductor when there are single-phase ground or arc ground. The device consists of high-capacity nonlinear resistance pieces, which is featured by high heat dispersion, small volume and large thermal capacity, and is able to be used for all kinds of mutual inductor.


1)  TLYX device is completely made of special alloy. It consists of monolithic large through-flow nonlinear elements, by which it eliminates uneven through-flow in the harmonic eliminator with parallel structure, and makes its performance more stable. 

2)  The high-voltage fuse wire of PT is 0.5A, which may result in isolated neutral ground to PT or other accidents when being broken. Due to better materials and production process, TLYX series harmonic eliminating device may withstand 500mA flow.

3)  With respect to semi-insulated PT, TLYX series harmonic eliminator may be special semi-insulated harmonic eliminator (including B type), which may effectively restrict voltage at two ends of the device and thus protect the neutral insulation.

4)  The dimensions of TLYX harmonic eliminator are super small and it is particularly applicable to PT cabinet and trolley cabinet. The entire harmonic eliminator is directly connected by metal materials, without insulator and free from explosion hazard.

5)  The open delta of some voltage transformer may have relatively large harmonic voltage after installation of TLYX series harmonic eliminator, however, the TLX99-3 secondary harmonic eliminator provided by our company may effectively limit this.