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Product name:TLXJ-2 Microcomputer-based Small Current Ground Line Selection Locator


   This device is applicable to the single-phase ground line selection for 3kV -  66kV isolated neutral system or neutral ground system through resistance or arc suppression coil, which can be extensively applied in the power supply system of power plant, substation and large-scale industrial enterprises, functioning as alarming the line and busbar single-phase grounding fault and tripping in single-phase grounding protection. 

Technical Indexes 

1)  Applicable section number of busbar: 1-4 sections. 

2)  Number of applicable detection loop: 1-64. 

3)  Input detection 

Zero sequence voltage, U0 is introduced by PT opening triangular winding, and the setting range, U0zd is from 20~100V, the differential is 1V and generally the setting value is 30V. 

4)  Starting mode 

Amplitude out-of-limit of zero sequence voltage, U0≥U0zd, it starts when a certain phase voltage is dropping while the other two phase voltage is rising, where, U0 is the zero sequence voltage in failure, U0zd is the start setting value of zero sequence voltage. 

5)  Delay time of tripping output: 0-65535 seconds, and the differential is 1 second. 

6)  The output contact capacity of trip relay: AC 220V, DC 24V and 5A. 

7)  Alarm output: ground alarm, resonance alarm, and device power failure alarm; 

The output contact capacity of alarm relay: AC 220V, DC 24V and 5A. 

8)  Amplitude of particular current signal sent by main machine: ≤ 5A. 

9)  Positioning accuracy: ≤10m 

10)  Response time: failure response time≤1 second. 

11)  Communication interface: RS232 or RS485, and the communication rate is optional. 

12)  Device power supply: AC 220V, 50 Hz or DC 220V.