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Product name:TLX99 Microcomputer Resonance Suppression And Low Current Grounding Line Selection


            This device is applicable to the single-phase ground line selection for 3kV -  66kV isolated neutral system or neutral ground system through resistance or arc suppression coil, which can be extensively applied in the power supply system of power plant, substation and large-scale industrial enterprises, functioning as alarming the line and busbar single-phase grounding fault and tripping in single-phase grounding protection.

         Since the introduction to the market of the low current grounding line selection device in 1980’s, several generations of improved devices have been brought to the market with much better accuracy in line selection. However, the error rate is still at an high level in line selection for those improved systems.In order to completely eliminate the errors in line selection and provide customers a device with ultimate satisfaction, we formed a task force team to develop our own device, TLX99. The team conducted systematic investigation on the low current grounding line selection devices, and studied carefully the problems existed in the products supplied by all the other vendors. The study and analysis showed that the following two facts are the key causes of the errors in line selection:

1) The criteria used in most of the devices are defective

2) There are defects in the design of the hardware, the computation methods, and the software.

These two problems have been solved by the team after several years effort in research and development. New Criteria and computation methods have been developed; advanced design in hardware and software have been achieved. The new product, TLX99, a Microcomputer Resonance-suppression Low Current Grounding Line Selection device is the final solution for the customers who have been troubled for many years.