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2015 power production safety month
Release time:2015-06-02 17:37:10

       Safety production in 14 months launched formally on June 1, the power industry safety production month activities also start simultaneously. Recently, the national energy administration issued a notice, deployed for production safety month activities; State grid corporation according to the notice requirements, in combination with the practical situation of power grid operation for the deployment. Electric power production safety month this year and what are the similarities and differences between past? Reporter discovery, this year's event is both similar and normal "show", "new" is different from before.

Show a: sustained wan lixing "the" safe production.

Production safety tour is safety production month "show", is also no exception this year. Notification requirements of the national bureau of energy around the key work of production safety, the organization to develop good wan lixing "the" safe production activities. State grid corporation also clearly put forward in the notice, cooperate each unit for the "safe production wan lixing" the activity, actively cooperate with the relevant state department or the organization carries out the special line, (dark) to visit, inspection (dark), and other activities, and timely report the relevant information, to ensure that information flow up and down.

However, although the same line to wanli, the specific content of this year and in previous years, but some are different. This year, is one of the important content of the safe production of line drill, the national energy administration also determined in ningbo city, zhejiang province, large area blackout emergency drills, its importance is obvious.

Show two: we will continue to implement the national electric reliability evaluation.

Electric reliability evaluation refers to the generator set, power transmission and transformation equipment, such as the user power supply reliability level assessment of a work. Supply power to users as an example, we often hear of "worth of xx city power outage time" is the reliability evaluation. This year, the energy bureau will continue to develop electric reliability evaluation, released 2014 annual electric reliability evaluation results.

As a subject of evaluation, state grid corporation are ready. On May 26, state grid corporation as usual practice, held the safety in production picturephone meeting summer peaks, careful deployment work summer peaks from eight aspects. Xia Yidan peaks is completed, it should be a natural reliability evaluation scores.

The new one: "the security + the rule of law", the rule of law concept further.

4 December last year, China will set up for the "constitution", suggests that the concept of "governing the country according to law" and the practice is going deeper. Safety production month this year, also will include the "security law" for the first time, makes the safety in production from the aspect of law has been consolidated and deepened.

Coincided with the newly revised "safety production law", "electric power monitoring and control system safety protection regulations" power measures for the supervision and administration of production safety "hydropower station dam safety supervision and management regulations" and so on electric power safety rules and regulations standard, national energy administration put forward clear requirements, will work hard to preach to the laws and regulations of public security in accordance with the law.

Improve the level of electric power production safety under the rule of law has risen for a long-term and important task. State grid corporation act immediately, required to carry out the rule of law education. The public security in accordance with the law of jack - focus on "production safety law > > theme mission piece will be millions of grid will look round.

"New" 2: "the security + competition", diversification of education means.

To better stable cross safety concept of the rule of law, the national energy administration in clear encourages safety essay in the notice, photography contest and other diversified forms of education. State grid corporation insist on each unit widely participate in the security exhibition organized by governments at all levels, safety painting and calligraphy exhibition, safety essay, safety knowledge contest and other activities, such as "ankang cup" contest and the production safety law knowledge contest, etc.

Thus it can be seen that both electric power production safety month old project in 2015, and the new requirements. Old program will ensure production safety month activities really play the role of supervise safety production; New requirements will further enhance production safety kernel, make the safety in production to rise to the height of the rule of law, so as to lay a foundation for the sustainable production safety.

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