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The dream-seeker prairie
Release time:2015-08-17 11:05:02

 Inner Mongolia prairie, blue skies, green fields stretching the horizon; White sheep, black horse, circling the eagle; Long tone, ancient mysterious music "shout", melodious matouqin sound. From here, a prairie silk road stretches to the west, the ancient eastern and distant western together tightly, this article is made up of a camel, a commercial road, one thousand to be the missing link between eastern and western civilizations blend.


China's northern borders of the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, something long and narrow, empty, covers an area of 118.3 square kilometers. Things straight line distance of 2400 km, the span 1700 kilometers, across the northeast, north China, northwest three regions. Southeast of the west and adjacent to the eight provinces, Mongolia, Russia and the north border, border is 4200 km long. The superior location to create unique advantage, made in all the way "" area of Inner Mongolia, one of the four lines of China and Russia is very important in the economic belt, which can not be replaced.

"Silk road" prairie new measures for the government

On March 28, the national development and reform commission, the ministry of foreign affairs, the ministry of commerce jointly issued "to promote to build the silk road economic belt and the 21st century the vision and action of the Marine silk road", put forward to exert the geographical advantage of Inner Mongolia unicom and receive. Inner Mongolia autonomous region is pointed out in the two sessions, seize the opportunities brought about by the national implementation of the "region" strategy, innovating the mechanism of cooperation with Russia and Mongolia, pushing forward the construction of the grassland of the silk road economic belt in into national development strategy and service to expand space for development.


Since 2014, all the open to the north to expand on the more prominent position, in the implementation of the "8337" development ideas, to promote "a fort area" the construction of the good start, to determine the infrastructure interconnectivity, economic and trade cooperation, cultural exchanges, and other key 6 class 29 projects, put forward to advance the project construction, the construction of "prairie, the silk road" as a new open to the north. Especially in manchuria, development experimental zone were approved by the state key, open the build in pragmatic cooperation in all areas of the important platform. It is understood that since the beginning of the year, autonomous region will be a total of 1.5 billion yuan a year for the port infrastructure construction.

In real sense, as an important field of the country open to the north of Inner Mongolia, are the main participants in the grasslands of the silk road economic belt, the grassland of the silk road for the construction of the economic belt directly about the realization of the strategy of "open" to the north of Inner Mongolia. Active docking grasslands of Inner Mongolia, the silk road economic belt, innovation of grassland silk road economic belt of new ideas and practice of the prairie, the silk road's new strategy, also is better able to further implement the strategy of open to the north, the border region advantage into economic advantage, actively carry out on Russia trade to Europe and northeast Asia trade, better injected outgoing momentum to the economic development of Inner Mongolia.


Push the New Deal the dream-seeker grassland around the silk road


The manchurian


Manzhouli port because of grassland, the silk road and prosperity, the manchurian municipal party committee, municipal solid to carry out the "leading" action to expand open to the north, to as a hub of the Eurasian continental bridge, the fulcrum of northeast Asia regional cooperation, the Eurasia international logistics nodes of manzhouli port, brought new development opportunities and injected new vigor and vitality. In recent years, as China's cooperation with Russia's economy grows, build the manchurian port has developed into a set of highway, railway, aviation trinity international port, highlights the through capacity, high efficiency of customs clearance, transportation distance is short, the advantage of wide scope of services. The manchurian railway port comprehensive change capacity of 70 million tons, among the top of the border port cities in China. The manchurian highway port through capacity of staff 10 million people, 3 million tons of goods, is the only Chinese highway port customs clearance for 24 hours.


Chifeng city


In support of chifeng city governments across under special customs surveillance zone, give play to its unique policy advantage in promoting open, manzhouli customs based on the actual, creatively put forward the "edge of application, investment planning, while" guiding suggestion, at the same time of simplified customs procedures, structures, and the general administration of customs for its related department leaders and related departments report communication platform, greatly shorten the time for examination and approval of the overall. On September 12, 2014, Inner Mongolia autonomous region only a bonded logistics center - chifeng bonded logistics center through the joint acceptance of the relevant ministries and commissions of the state, help don't border without the chifeng city of the sea into the "anhydrous port era", in the development of export-oriented economy development has taken a solid step.




On June 5, 2014, the state council formally approved erlianhot construction key development experimental zone. With border economic cooperation zone as the breakthrough point, the establishment and Mongolia Mr. Door's free economic zone relative to pick up in cross-border economic cooperation zone, becoming the first cross-border economic cooperation zone in Inner Mongolia autonomous region.


Actively participate in the area along the construction, and a series of achievements. In 2014, 97 new foreign trade enterprises, 861; Counter-trade zone, huanyu international trade city construction, the MeiKe mining machine trading center part of the commercial buildings and hardware mechanical and electrical wholesale market completion, cosmetic wholesale market for indoor decoration, port trade conditions gradually improve logistics industry development; ATA document copies of the business and "one declaration, one inspection, a release" customs inspection clearance reform started cooperation, improve customs clearance efficiency. The annual import and export volume of 13.5 million tons, up 3.4%; Import and export trade volume of $3.8 billion, an increase of 4%. At the same time, erlianhot city in 2015, the main anticipated goal: to complete the region's GDP totaled 10 billion yuan, up by 15.4%; Import and export volume of 15 million tons, up 11%; Import and export trade volume of $4.2 billion, up 10.5%; The number of inbound and outbound 2 million person-time, up 4.2%. The per capita disposable income of 38400 yuan, an increase of 5%.