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Create "green guodian" focus on clean coal utilization
Release time:2015-06-05 10:00:06

Create "green guodian" focus on clean coal utilization -- an interview with China guodian corporation deputy general manager, China tree

Time: [2015-06-04] information sources: China energy news

In the national coal transformation and upgrading of energy conservation and emissions reduction action plan (2014-2020) "(hereinafter referred to as the" action plan "), in the implementation of the guodian group in thermal power keeps high spending on environmental protection, speed up the reduction treatment project. "Twelfth five-year" period, the newly built thermal power units to strictly implement the "three simultaneity" system; "Twelfth five-year" in the first four years, the cumulative environmental protection technical capital of 18 billion yuan investment, the requirements of the main atmospheric pollutant total emission reduction of environmental protection responsibility of 13 new desulfurization projects completed, 131 denitration governance has completed 127 projects, overfulfilled progress.

Around the "action plan", jingjinji zone from spreading, technology innovation, our correspondent China guodian group deputy general manager, trees and carried on the thorough exchange.

The full implementation of incremental and stock of energy conservation and emissions reduction

China energy news: the action plan for new project unit level, coal consumption, and active unit made clear the deployment of the upgrade, what the guodian group implement these goals?

M: tree China thermal power in guodian group total accounted for about three-quarters of thermal power transformation and upgrading, deciding the success or failure of creating "green guodian". In recent years, we have to "green guodian" as the leading, optimize stock of increment, the transformation in the thermal power industry, improving the thermal power industry structure.

Increment, adhere to the coal clean and efficient development, improve the efficiency of energy utilization, the development of large-scale clean energy efficient environmental protection units, in addition to individual cogeneration units, no longer under 600000 mw thermal power unit, the new focus on developing large capacity of 600000 kw or ultra supercritical units.

Expand reserves of high quality project, and put into production in 2012 of guodian cloth even power plant for the first time in domestic application of auxiliary single configuration idea, the power supply coal consumption to achieve 292.9 g/KWH, at the optimal level of domestic air cooling units; This year is about to put into production of guodian taizhou power plant, vigorously carry out optimization design, for the first time in domestic ultra-supercritical second reheat technology application, to ensure that achieve the design of power generation coal consumption 253.17 g/KWH, will create the world first-class level of energy consumption.

Stock, strengthen equipment modification, improving the capacity of equipment, energy conservation and emissions reduction.

Lead is a prominent planning, overall arrangement equipment modification. In strict accordance with the "action plan" requirement, the real target task decomposition to the company and each power plant.

Second, outstanding innovation leading, enhance the level of technology and equipment. Give full play to the technological innovation and service ability, application promotion of high frequency power supply, wet electric dust, ChunNing mixed with the back pressure of independent intellectual property rights, such as running heat technology and equipment; Independent research and development of plasma oilless ignition device, accumulative total saving tens of millions of tons of fuel oil; Dongsheng, quality, etc. Application of heat pump unit and the back pressure heating technology, the average heating capacity increased by 35%, reduce the coal consumption more than 15 g.

3 it is to highlight the key leading, break through the energy conservation and environmental protection. Relying on beilun power plant, a comprehensive system for 600000 mw subcritical unit transformation technology research, is expected to reduce the coal consumption, 40 g/KWH for 46% of the installed size of subcritical unit integrated effect, thoroughly remould oneself to explore a new road. Completed integrated application of advanced environmental protection technology, taizhou, changzhou unit 1 and 2 environmental protection demonstration projects, ensure to achieve combustion engine emission limit value, has paved the way for the group of ultra-low emissions reformation advance.

China energy news: guodian group of thermal power project increment and stock of these specific measures of energy saving and emission reduction which substantial results have been achieved?

M: tree China through the optimization of the structure of the thermal power industry unremitting efforts, guodian power supply coal consumption decline steadily, and environmental protection ability. Power supply coal consumption 312.8 g/KWH, 2014 group in 2013 in the thermal power unit to the competition of energy efficiency, group million kilowatts units and air cooling heating units main indicators keep leading the country, the beijing-tianjin-hebei region datong no. 9, east wins and 2 30 units selected superior units, such as the winning number among the top of the comparable companies.

By the end of 2014, guodian group desulphurization and denitration, dust collecting equipment rate reached 99.8%, 93.7% and 93.7%, respectively. "Twelfth five-year" period, guodian group, the total emission of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides decline year by year. 2014 guodian group sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, respectively is 550400 tons, 763100 tons, fell by 18.49% and 26.35%, respectively, was only 61.0% in 2011 and 61.0%, including nitrogen oxide annual emission reductions is close to the first three years the sum of emissions reductions, chlorine dioxide has been completed 185.06% of the "twelfth five-year" emission reduction task.

Active in jingjinji zone from spreading

China energy news: beijing-tianjin-hebei regional air pollution zone spreading is fully made solid progress, guodian group is involved in what specific work?

M: tree China in beijing-tianjin-hebei emissions in and around work, guodian group, actively implement the "action plan". Request of environmental protection at the end of March 2014 beijing-tianjin-hebei thermal power unit and the surrounding area to achieve by the end of the discharging standard, involving the guodian group in beijing-tianjin-hebei thermal power unit in and around 10 reconstruction of desulfurization, denitration 20 items, 12 the dust removal renovation project.

From project, feasibility study, project bidding to the final implementation, process long, many uncontrolled factors, in less than 10 months to complete the above work extremely hard. Guodian group attaches great importance to, immediately set thermal power enterprise located in beijing-tianjin-hebei and surrounding areas, work to accelerate the flue gas control project meeting, require companies to recognize the situation, in the face of fog to take the initiative to assume the social responsibility of the state, work quickly, enterprise strict appraisal of can't finish the task.

In the end, according to the requirements of environmental protection, smoothly completed the 42 projects to reduce emissions. After the preliminary statistics, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide emissions beijing-tianjin-hebei region in 2014, a drop of 24%, 43%, emission reduction effect is remarkable. With the release gradually reduction ability of environment protection facilities, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides in 2015 is expected to continue to decline 10% and 21%, respectively.

China energy news: in less than 10 months to complete the 42 items and to meet emissions standards, emissions management projects need under a lot of effort, what are the experience and achievement?

M: tree China guodian group steadily promoting ultra-low emissions demonstration project construction. Shandong stone cross power plant unit 5 has been renovated and realize the stable operation, 10 datong second power plant unit is undergoing a transformation, is due out in May this year.

At the same time, steadily improve the level of environmental protection. Guodian cloth even power plant in Inner Mongolia in 2014 was awarded as "national coal demonstration power plant energy saving and emission reduction". Two units of the plant boiler main auxiliary by a single series of arrangement, the first in domestic large thermal power plants. Go to the factory electricity at a rate of 4.3% at the rated load, the power supply coal consumption 292.9 g/KWH, steam turbine heat consumption rate of 7.6507 million kilojoules per kilowatt-hour, boiler efficiency by 95.2%, to achieve the optimal level domestic; Concentration of sulfur dioxide emissions stere of 23.6 milligram /, 28 mg/cubic meter, carbon concentration nox emission concentration of 51 mg/m3, factory sewage, gypsum, ash, slag, etc. All waste comprehensive utilization, the indicators are better than the latest national emission standards.

By the end of 2014, guodian group in and around beijing-tianjin-hebei area 59, 23.63 million mw thermal power unit has basically realize the discharging standard, part of the unit can achieve higher requirements of the special emission limits, ultra-low emissions in order to promote, to reduce smog beijing-tianjin-hebei region and improve the atmospheric environment quality has made due contributions.

Power green coal technology innovation

China energy news: from the point of the guodian group, which results in the thermal power energy conservation and emissions reduction?

M: tree China by the end of 2014, the proportion of guodian group clean energy has increased to 26.8%, the proportion of 600000 mw and above unit in thermal power has reached 48.5%. Successively completed 850 major energy saving transformation, implement desulfurization (2) for 88 units, 152 units of the implementation of denitration, 101 units of the implementation of dedusting effect modification, overfulfilled main atmospheric pollutant total emission reduction of environmental protection responsibility. Since the "twelfth five-year", had closed 3.69 million mw thermal power unit behind. The unit capacity 100000 mw and below accounted for only 2.8%.

Guodian group power supply coal consumption in 2014 lower in 2010 than 13.6 g/KWH, during the period of "twelfth five-year" cumulative BiaoMei saving more than 1600, ten thousand tons of sulfur dioxide emissions in 2013, two years ahead of time to complete the task. By the end of 2015, to be able to implement all active air pollutants for thermal power unit standards, by the end of 2020 to complete at least 20.26 million mw unit ultra low emissions.

China energy news, achieve energy conservation and emissions reduction, need to rely on technology, guodian group reserves in energy conservation and emissions reduction technology? What are the new progress?

M: tree China for a long time, guodian group to develop the energy conservation and emissions reduction industry, engaged in research and industrial application of the unit of guodian ring group, guodian electrical science institute, guodian new energy research institute, through many years of r&d and engineering practice, the energy conservation and emissions reduction has accumulated a lot of research and application results.

Industry applications, guodian corp., guodian division ring group is currently the largest conventional coal-fired power plant energy conservation and environmental protection services and leading renewable energy systems service and equipment manufacturers, has low nitrogen combustion, the plasma ignition, SNCR and SCR denitration, binary wet desulfurization, wet dust removal, whole series of mature emissions, such as electric bag dust removal technology, is widely used in domestic thermal power enterprises. Its longyuan environmental protection for many years has been the domestic thermal power environmental protection industry leading enterprises, by the end of 2014, desulphurization and denitration modified cumulative performance reached 99.93 million kw, 94.1 million kw, for 10 consecutive years ranked first, higher than the second kind enterprise respectively 43.69 million kw, 34.3 million kw; Longyuan technology of plasma ignition technology application installed capacity of more than 290 million kilowatts, in the domestic market share as high as 90%, and in South Korea, Russia, Indonesia and other countries and our country Taiwan area has accumulated more than 1000 mw unit application performance.

In scientific research, guodian group hardware platform construction has certain comparative advantage, a number of important scientific research innovation achievements, such as major projects "thermal power industry automation of complete sets of control system", "coal-fired power plant flue gas catalytic denitration technology research and development and application", these projects won the recognition of the relevant ministries and commissions of the state and the cumulative patent number more than 1400, comparable companies in the first place. Borne by guodian electricity academy "cogeneration energy conservation technological innovation and industrialization demonstration project" project will be a great success, has been proposed for China power science and the first prize in 2014.

Also mentioned that in front of the guodian group is actively exploring the critical thermal power unit upgrade across generations, integrated technology, joint manufacturer, design institute and other units to strengthen technology research, complete the beilun unit 2 modification effect scheme, transform the subcritical unit of capacity for ultra supercritical units, coal consumption is expected to reduce approximately 40 g/KWH, flue gas pollutant emissions of combustion engine emission limit value, the technology research and development of power generation efficiency is greatly increased for the subcritical unit creates a new road.